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Ricotta Crostini with Beet

Get ready with these things
There's a place down the street that serves raw beet ravioli, where the beets are the pasta and sandwiching a sweet/savory almond cream.These toasts are a nod in that delicious direction, re-starched.
Amounts are approximate and dependent on how much you want to make, but you can assemble these like so, using:
  1. bread

  2. olive oil

  3. garlic

  4. ricotta

  5. salt, pepper

  6.                                                    toasted almonds

Peel a/some beet/s and then slice crosswise very, very thinly. With a mandoline, perhaps. Or with your best knife and skillz. Place these slices in a bowl and salt slightly. Set aside.
Meanwhile, brush some olive oil onto thinly-sliced slices of bread. Place these onto a cookie sheet and toast in a 400° F oven for a few minutes.
Cut a peeled clove of garlic in half crosswise and then rub the cut side onto the pieces of toast. Top with a slice of beet, a spoonful of ricotta, salt and pepper, and then some toasted, sliced almonds. taste it.

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Nutritiousness Tiffed passage article on making upma Upma an Nutritious Breakfast Needed Ingredients to make Upma ·1/2 cup broken Wheat ·1/2 cup broken Jowar ·1 table spoon of White Oats ·5 Cashew nuts ·1 Onion (Chop) ·1 Tomato (Chop finely) ·1 stalk Curry leaves ·2 Green Chillies (Chop finely) ·1 table spoon Coriander leaves (Chop finely) ·1 Lemon Juice ·1/2 table spoon Mustard seeds ·1/2 table spoon Cumin seeds ·2 Pinches Asafetida powder ·1/4 table spoon Turmeric powder ·Salt to taste ·1 table spoon Oil Procedure to make Upma Roast Wheat germ and Jowar for few minutes without oil or ghee, Cool it and Pressure cook them together in 2 cups of water. Cook for 2 whistles. Keep aside. Heat oil in a pan; add seeds, Curry leaves, and Chillies, Add Onions, Tomatoes; fry them for two minutes, Add Oats and pressure cooked mixture, Add Turmeric, Salt, Lemon juice, Coriander. Cover with a lid and cook in low flame or you can use microwave also hot breakfast ready Serve with hot and enjoy it with your family.

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Wild Printed Leopard Scarf

Wild Printed Scarf The works of famous countries of different countries is copied all over the world. British designers have had great influence in setting new styles, and so have certain designers in the United States and Italy. This Leopard print scarf has an origination from France or Italy. Every season, every year, and every people “Animal print is on trend!” But it’s the same print. If there’s anything new, it’s purely a matter of trend of change. The great recent news is that this summer animal prints are hotter thanever. In fact Animal print never goes out of the fashion; Animal prints looks stunning as fashion. They can add a bit of wild edginess to any out-fit that needs a little more spice. One of the favorite animal print fashionable wear is the animal printed scarf. Animal print scarf are classic and can make a wear holding more interesting. There was a fact that every man even loves looking at women with some sort of animal theme. Simply because that material becomes instantly chic and sexy with an animal print. Leopard Print Scarf always made looks more expensive and upscale.

Three Proven Techniques

Three Proven Techniques On How To Capture Positive Habits Bad habits, we all have them. They keep us from accomplishing our dreams, make us say and do things that really aren't in our integrity.Good habits allow us to transition through our day on autopilot. So much so, we forget that our good habits have a bigger strong hold.Dr. Phil McGraw, TV-psychologist and Oprah offspring, says that we need to, "Behave our way to success." I cringe when I hear this, don't you? It sounds so easy. Yet, we both know it isn't.Positive psychology, the scientific study of happy, confident people, presents many proven techniques that assist in transitioning bad habits into good habits. Here are four proven techniques:1. In order to eliminate a bad habit, it must be overridden with a good habit. Not eliminated but replaced. When the good habit becomes stronger, it naturally takes over and folds into our life. Usually becoming transparent because it melts into our life and we have already uncovered the next one to work on.2.It doesn't matter whether you want to replace the habit of lateness, cursing, or overeating. The habit's intensity determines the effort and time required to replace. Don't confuse effort with will power--they aren't the same. Effort is making a variety of alternatives until the old habit melts into a new one. 3.The right amount of effort will always be different for you than anyone else. There isn't an exact measurement because each of our unique qualities

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House Keeping

House Keeping

Farah AR



Housekeeping is an art of keeping the home clean of dirt and infections. It’s one of our routine tasks in the housework. First of all the pollution control should begin at home. Keeping the house clean is as important as we keep our body clean. It includes dusting, cleaning the kitchen, doors and windows, bathrooms, toilets, furniture etc.
                Kitchen is the main place of the house where everything needs to be regularly checked up and kept clean. A strict inspection is needed to keep the infections at bay. Cleaning the sinks which are the important habitat for bacteria’s. Many magazines and health organizations have revealed the fact that more bacteria’s are found in the kitchen sink than in the toilets. So it’s very easy for us to get infected with those bacteria’s along with the food unknowingly. The garbage bins needs to be daily emptied and should be kept clean. Keeping an eye on the cooking stoves is another important chores. All the cooking and serving vessels should be pat dry before storage.
Hall and Rooms:
                Dusting the wall, furniture and other electric appliances is another chores of housekeeping. While dusting we can use a cotton dusters or any modern new equipment so that the dust from one place will not settle on other places. Cleaning the beds, pillows, covers at regular intervals is also important because it’s the preferred habitat for bed bugs and the dusts on the pillows and bed may cause lung infection and suffocation.
                Regular cleaning of toilets using antibacterial lotions and using antibacterial hand wash will make a healthy home.
Environmental cleanliness:
One should also keep their environment clean to avoid unexpected difficulties which arise at times. For example, removing the dry leafs that block the drainage pipes at regular interval could avoid unnecessary difficulties during the rainy season.  Everyone should keep up the proverb ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’.